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Portable Shower Hire from Toptoilets.comWhether your event is on a large scale, or not, in order for it to be legal and comply with the health and safety standards, there has to be washing facilities available.
— Find HSE standards on how many people to how many showers are compulsory —

Here at Top Toilets, we have a variety of different shower units for you to choose from, and you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you.


2 Bay Gas Shower Unit

This is the smallest gas shower unit we have to offer. It has space for two users at the same time and there’s adequate space for movement inside. There is a separate section for drying, and both cubicles are lockable for security and privacy. All of our shower units are thoroughly steam-cleaned before delivery.

3 Bay Gas Shower Unit

This shower unit can facilitate three users at once. There are locks inside for extra security and privacy, a separate area for drying and the units are always rigourously steam cleaned before they are delivered.

4 Bay Gas Shower Unit

This unit has four separate shower cubicles with extra space for drying. Lockable doors for security and privacy and thoroughly steam-cleaned before delivery.

6 Bay Gas Shower Unit

The largest of the gas bay showers, and ideal for large scaled events, such as festivals. This unit has six shower cubicles inside with lockable doors and room for drying. All of our showers are fully steam-cleaned before delivered to you.

Electric Shower Unit

This unit has space for a single user. It has adequate room inside and a separate area for drying. All of the electric shower units are thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

Mobile Gas Powered Shower Unit

This shower unit is for one person at a time. There is a separate section for drying, inside the unit.


It is essential that you provide appropriate hygiene facilities for workers on construction sites and guests at events.
If you have any further questions, are unsure on how many units you will be needing, or have require any additional features, call our friendly and expert team on 0844 288 7259 today.