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Construction Toilet Hire from Toptoilets.comIf you’re looking for easy construction toilet hire, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Top Toilets, we have a number of reasons why 76% of the 100,000 customers we’ve had since 2003 have come back for further business:

  • Our products have high availability, so if your on-site job is last minute, it’s not a problem for us. We can sort you out
  • We provide you with top advice, top service and low prices, thanks to our industry experts
  • We work quickly and efficiently, assuring your job runs smoothly
  • We’re a nationwide company and cover the whole of the UK

When managing a construction site, there are certain priorities that are higher up on the list than others. One of the most important things is assuring your workers are well looked after, thus making sure that your duty of care as set by the HSE are met.

Happy workers make productive workers, so providing decent site toilet and welfare is a must. At Top Toilets, we can provide you with construction toilet hire wherever you are in the UK.

Our chemical toilets have a self-contained sceptic tank and hand washing facilities in the form of either a washbasin or hand sanitizer gel. Also, when necessary, we provide a service where the toilets get cleaned so you don’t have to.

Construction Toilet Hire from

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The team, here, at Top Toilets are fully aware that construction and demolition work involves planning, paperwork and lots of effort. We want to make your job easier and run smoother. That’s why cover the whole of the UK and make sure all our products have high availability.

The construction toilets can be hired for long or short periods of time. Please note that we can empty the waste tanks as often as you need. Below, is a suggested amount of portable toilets to have for a how many people are on site.

How many portable Loos on a construcion site

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