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22 Feb 2010

The worst thing about camping (in my personal and high maintenance opinion!) is the lack of creature comforts when you need them – ie. first thing in the morning. When you awake from your strange smelling, damp tent and stretch out on the strange smelling, damp grass, you’ll be thinking to yourself that you’d probably murder for a shower. And all that’s at hand is a wet wipe and some spray deodorant. That’s why one of clients who was organising an outdoor party last summer asked for our shower hire Cornwall. As well as supplying his guests with the best toilets money could buy (our trailer units come with TVs in the cubicles and fibre optic lighting…they’re the supermodels of toilets) he also got us to deliver some shower units so his guests could enjoy a steaming hot shower when they inevitably woke with sore heads and dry mouths. Cos as we all know when you party hard, you need to shower hard!

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