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portable toilet hire milton keynes

10 Feb 2010

Concrete cows, roundabouts and general new town-ness – Milton Keynes is a place you either love or hate. Personally, we love it, because we always seem to be doing work over there. Being busy is something we don’t complain about. And we certainly don’t complain about portable toilet hire Milton Keynes. We were there at the beginning of the week when we delivering loos to the Snow Dome in the centre. The driver was half tempted to go in and have a bit of a go on the slope (he tried his hand at snow boarding ten years ago, and now thinks he’s a professional…Mmm). Cracking the whip as we do here, we told him to deliver the toilets and get on to his next job asap. But that didn’t stop the Snow Dome people giving him money off vouchers on his next visit!

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