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loo hire in leicester

08 Feb 2010

We got a call for loo hire in Leicester from a woman who needed a loo for her shop in Frog Island. We’d never heard of the place so had to get her to repeat herself, but yes, there is a Frog Island in Leicester. A bit of research tells us it’s so called because it lies between the River Soar and the Grand Union canal, so we imagine, with all that water, there’s a hell of a lot of frogs! However, I digress. This woman had been told that the council was cutting the water off and as health and safety regs dictate – if you run a place where people can sit down to eat and drink, you need to supply at least one loo. So she rather cleverly told the council if they were going to disrupt her business, then she would be using as much public highway as necessary for her loo hire. They meekly agreed and we delivered it last week without a hitch. We were just glad that when it came to collecting it, that there was no frogs to be found in the unit!

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