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toilet humour poetry competition

28 May 2009

Okay, we like a laugh at Portable Toilet Hire. We’re dealing with toilets for goodness sake! You’ve got to have a sense of humour. So, today we had a competiton with the staff to see who could write the funniest poem about what we do for our summer email promotion. Don’t read these if you’re easily offended! Ant’s entry: Starting to stink, Tired of washing in the sink Hire a shower With or without power Event or long term hire Have a wash without losing too much dosh call 08000 82 80 83 now Danny’s entry: If you need a portable toilet for any event in the year, Top Toilets would love to adhere, From one single loo to a trailer with two, Top Toilets can suit your needs, Need a shower for a day, Single or Double Bay, No job is too small , just give us a call and Top Toilets will be there in a flash It isn�t that hard, you can pay with your card, So book it today, there�s no other way, its 08000 82 80 83. Top Toilets, We�re Shit Hot! Ant’s other entry: What do you do when you need the loo in an English country garden, Either pull down your pants and do it on the ants or Hire a portable loo from the TopToilets crew No job to big or small, we will provide something to go on for you all! Call us now, don�t delay and save your bathroom from being ruined today 08000 82 80 83 Toptoilets .com Louise’s entry: The was a woman from Daventry Who insisted she needed a lavatory She didn�t stall And gave Toptoilets a call And this allowed her to have a wee Lou’s other entry: If you need to go to the loo Here�s something that you should do Give Toptoilets a call Cos they do it all Now sit back and have a brew! Kyle’s entry: We�ve got toilets We�ve got showers We�ve got it all to empty your bladder If you are holding an event this summer Then wouldn�t going without a toilet be a bummer? Or even one of our toilet blocks that�s as big as a hummer? Call us now on the number below Or feel the wrath of jay z�s flow Our toilets make you go WO Better than a song from the rapper Fat Jo Minimum hire is 2 weeks This makes all the other companies look Bleak So get on the phone before our orders peak But only if you need a leak! Kyle Davidson age 22 1/2 and here’s Katy’s: There was a you lady called Sue Who was always in need of a poo Her house had four bogs Where she laid all her logs But her garden was missing a loo She yearned for a toilet on tap To fill this unbearable gap. Yet she felt rather frugal So she searched throughout Google. Toptoilets! A credit crunch crap. Which do you think is best? Leave a comment on this blog. (by the way – we don’t profess to be literary greats, just great at toilet hire)

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